Getting error to send email using c#

I am using as a smtp server and i am getting following error: Mailbox name not allowed. The server response was: sorry, relaying denied from your location [] (#5.7.1)

Did i need to change smtp setting or any thing else?

Here is code:

var mailClient = new SmtpClient();

mailClient.Credentials = new NetworkCredential { UserName = "", Password = "xyz" };

mailClient.Host = "";
mailClient.EnableSsl = false;

var mail = new MailMessage("", "", "Test Smtp server", "Testing mycloudcctv server") { IsBodyHtml = true };



make sure,

  1. you have specified the correct user name and password in Host SMTP Settings section
  2. Use a valid email address in your user account,
  3. Check are you allowed to send mails from your SMTP server.

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