webservice request sniffer

I create webservice proxy and I am sending some data do async web service. How can I see what I am sending to web service (wthat xml exactly I send). I am using jdeveloper. Does anyone know any good sniffer for this or how can I see?


Try using Fiddler.

If you need something for Linux take a look at this thread but if you are from Java community you will definitely should try WebScarab

If you are in a linux box, you cann use justniffer

Apart from Fiddler, you can always use a common sniffer like wireshark if your application does not use https. In particular wireshark will work on non-windows environments.

Just putting one more tool for posterity - NetTool . This has served me beautifully in the past

I have been using apache's tcpmon (https://code.google.com/p/tcpmon/). Its a rather simplistic connection-forwarder (tcp connections only, gui, written in java) but it does what it says on the tin.

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