jqGrid multiselect "check all" in header: how to hide it?

I use jqGrid with the multiselect option set to true.

I'm looking for a way to hide or disable the first checkbox (the one in the row of the column names) so that users can't use the "check all/uncheck all" feature.

How to do it?


The checkbox in the header has the id which is combined from the "cb_" prefix and the grid id. So you can hide the element with

var myGrid = $("#list");

Find the div of checkbox and hide/overwrite its inner HTML.

If you have runat parameter

<trirand:JQGrid ID="grdTest" runat="server" 
"MultiSelect="true" MultiSelectMode="SelectOnRowClick">
    <!-- cols -->

     <ClientSideEvents GridInitialized="GrdInit" /><!-- add this -->

On your page:

function getCont(control)
    if(control == "grdTest")
       return $("#<%= grdTest.ClientID %>"); 

Then in your js file:

function GrdInit() 
    var myGrid = getCont("grdTest"); 
    myGrid.jqGrid('hideCol', 'cb'); 

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