Jconsole live threads count and java ExecutorService

Monitoring our app using JConsole over a period of time shows that the “live thread” count is increasing constantly. Increasing thread count sounds like a bad thing to me, or am I wrong?

Synopsis: In our app we create thread pools for various collectors using Executors.newFixedThreadPool, Executors.newSingleThreadScheduledExecutor. These collectors are called every few minutes. And there is this other service which is called n times by the above collectors during every collection. This service generates a single thread (Executors.newFixedThreadPool(1);) that executes a FutureTask. For all the above ExecutorServices we call shutdownNow() only if an exception is caught and leave the rest for GC.

1) Do I need to shutdown the executors once the process is finished or can I rely on GC?

Thanks for your suggestions and insights Ajju


One should call shutdown explicitly on executor service - executor.shutdown() for orderly shutdown & reclamation of resources (old tasks are executed while new ones are not accepted).

shutdownNow() attempts to stop all actively executing tasks, halts the processing of waiting tasks, and returns a list of the tasks that were awaiting execution (there is no guarantee about the executing tasks - they may or may not execute - this is a best attempt).

The point of a thread pool is to avoid the overhead of spawning new threads during processing. You are NOT supposed to spawn new thread pools ! (Which is what you're doing here Executors.newFixedThreadPool(1);)

You should set up your thread pools when your application starts, and inject them into your processing objects.

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