What is "struct EVENT_LIST" on win32?

I am looking through the source code for a project that relays Windows Event Log data to a syslog installation, in order to try to consolidate things on a network that I manage. The program that does this needs adjustment for our application, which I am perfectly willing to do, so I dropped in the GNU build system and am currently just trying to get the thing to build under GCC. (I do development on a Linux box.)

In any event, I cannot find this "struct EVENT_LIST" (referenced in main.h and a handful of other places in the referenced project's code, but never defined) even on a Windows system, so I cannot figure out what the data type is. Does anyone here have any idea?


It's not a Windows thing, it's defined in that project...

/* Ignored Events Structure */
struct EVENT_LIST {
        char source[50];
        BOOL wild;
        int id;

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