have a url that accepts all characters

I want a url that accepts all characters,for example:


for key parameter instead of just ascii alphabetic characters It accepts all characters include numbers,symbols like $,-,_,...,alphabet,unicode characters,...

how can I do this?


Your code should look like this:


We need the 'u' at the beginning to tell python that the string accepts unicode characters.

RegEx would look like this:


That should match all characters except new line characters.

As others have said:


...will match all characters, but it will also match an empty string (which might be bad if the regex is at the end of a URL). If you want to force that at least one character is required, then use this:


Just to be clear, these work in the middle of URLs as well as at the end, so something like this works perfectly fine:

url(ur'^package\/(?P<pkgname>.+)\/(?P<pkgversion>.+)', ... )

(and as @tsikov says, use a preceding 'u' for unicode)

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