Python Google App Engine : Send Mail Error

I am writing a simple test application to send email using Python GAE. I am receiving below error in logs. I have tried empty body and other changes but nothing seems to be working. Is there any configuration changes that I need to make?

Traceback (most recent call last):

   File "/base/data/home/apps/s~xxxx/1.360190002979488583/", line 5, in          from google.appengine.api import mail File "/base/python27_runtime/python27_lib/versions/1/google/appengine/api/", line 37, in          from email import MIMEBase               ImportError: cannot import name MIMEBase

Below is my app.yaml file

application: mailer
version: 1
runtime: python27
api_version: 1
threadsafe: no

- url: /email

- name: webapp2
  version: "2.5.1"

Below is my (essentially it is the same code as mentioned on . I have just changed from and to a valid email address)

from google.appengine.api import mail
import sys

message = mail.EmailMessage(sender=" Support <>",
                            subject="Your account has been approved") = "Valid User <>"
message.body = """
Dear Albert:

Your account has been approved.  

The Team



Don't name your script; that's what's preventing your import from the standard library's email module from working.

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