Cannot overwrite Wordpress file via FTP

I'm currently working on a wordpress website, of which I'm trying to overwrite content-extensions.php with a new version. On uploading this it appears to work, the file transfer is successful. However, there is no change in the browser even after refreshing and clearing the cache. I've also ensured that there are no plugin's caching within wordpress, and file permissions are what they should be within FileZilla.

Here's the odd bit.

If I go into theme editor, and locate content-extensions.php I can see the changes that I've made in the source code. For whatever reason they're just not appearing in the browser.

I'd be really grateful if someone could point me in the right direction for this one, as I haven't a pickle.

Many thanks.


Are you working with an extension or with a theme based function?

If it's an extension, remember to activate it, i often forget that, i upload code, see it in the extension manager but forget to activate it.

If it's in the theme, are you sure you are using the right theme and not the basic one?

I know this doesn't shed any light on why it's actually happening but I've had that before and just deleted the file and uploaded the new one rather than trying to overwrite it.

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