How can I check if an element is a drop down list element or a text input element, given its id?

In Javascript, given the id of an element (in a String format), how can I check if the id of the element refers to a drop down list element, or a text input element?

The function should return true if the id refers to a drop down list (<select>) element, or a text input element, and false otherwise.


Try using: document.getElementById('idNameGoesHere').tagName

So the function could be:

function isSelectOrTextField(idName) {
    var element = document.getElementById(idName);
    if(element.tagName === 'SELECT') {return true;}
    if(element.tagName === 'INPUT' && element.type === 'text') {return true;}
    return false;

You could expand this to check for <textarea> as well.

EDIT : Or choose jbabey's answer as it's using nodeName and is better formatted.

apparently nodeName has wider browser support.

If you already have jquery included, you can use the is function :

$('#myid').is('input, select')

or maybe

$('#myid').is('input, textarea, select')

if you want to also include textarea


$('#myid').is('input:not([type="button"]), textarea, select')

(this one returns true if it's a textare or a dropdown or an input that is not a button).

You have the whole power of jquery selectors to adapt your query to your exact needs.

Demonstration : (try to change the html)

You can use the nodeName and type properties of the DOM elements to determine this. No external libraries are required.

var isSelectOrTextInput = function (element) {
    var nodeName = element.nodeName;

    return nodeName === 'SELECT' || 
        (nodeName === 'INPUT' && 
         element.type.toLowerCase() === 'text');

Working sample:


you can retrive the dom element and then check the tagName

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