"Reset" a function after inserting content dynamically


I'm developing a website where I have an "Offers List" (iframe). Inside this list (), I have few products.

If the user clicks on a product, this product goes to a "Wishlist" (other , on the parent window). Okay so far.

But, the user can delete the product selected from the "Wishlist". Okay so far. But the Wishlist is "refreshed" dynamically, (with .append() method, from an iframe), so my event $(".button_to_delete").click() event doesn't work, because the jQuery runs after the DOM. How I can "restart" the $(".button_to_delete").click() event after the product inserted in Wishlist?

My code: http://pastebin.com/uHevR1KL

Thanks! :) And sorry for bad english.


Try to use .on():

     //Do some stuff

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