Select as in sqlalchemy

I want to do something like this:

select username, userid, 'user' as new_column  from  users_table.

The columns of the table can be selected using sqlalchemy as follows:

query = select([users_table.c.username, users_table.c.userid])

How do I do the select x as col_x to the query in sqlalchemy?


use this: users_table.c.userid.label('NewColumn')


query = select([users_table.c.username, users_table.c.userid.label('NewColumn')])

evaluates to:

SELECT username , userid as NewColumn From MyTable;

Maybe literal_column?

query = select([users_table.c.username, users_table.c.userid, literal_column("user", type_=Unicode).label('new_column')])


Edit: actually I should have said "literal":

query = select([users_table.c.username, users_table.c.userid, literal("user", type_=Unicode).label('new_column')])

See the alias() in here:

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