How to install apk files on my android emulator with Eclipse?

I have eclipse and ADT and android SDK installed and I want to test apk files on my emulator.

I followed guides from stackoverflow, like this: How do I Install .apk files in the android emulator?

but these guides doesnt works a this point: I dont know where i have to put the APK file. For example, this command:

adb -s emulator-5554 install something.apk

It fails because can't find my apk file. Where i have to put it?


You can put it anywhere on your system, just specify the path as part of your command line:

C:\android-sdk\platform-tools> adb -s emulator-5554 install C:\Users\Me\Desktop\myapp.apk

Or, change into the directory your APK is in first, then run your command:

C:\> cd %USERPROFILE%\Desktop
C:\Users\Me\Desktop> adb -s emulator-5554 install myapp.apk

Note: The above assumes you're on Windows, substitute UNIX-style paths if you're on Linux or Mac OSX.

Add these lines to your path variable

  1. Run your emulator by typing the following command on command prompt

    emulator -avd

  2. Run the another command prompt window and type the following command

    adb -install ......path of apk file......./Appname.apk

You can start the command console and type

If the emulator is already running.

adb install <filepath/filename.apk> 

if the file is in same directory, else specify the path of the filename.

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