Facebook API - How to get user's address, phone #?

Is anyone able to get facebook user's address, phone # using FQL or Graph api?

Have tried the following FQL and was able to get 'Current City' and 'Hometown' which are under 'Basic information' but not the 'Address' or 'Phone' which are under 'Contact Information'.

SELECT name,first_name,last_name,birthday_date,current_location,hometown_location,pic,profile_url,timezone,username,profile_update_time FROM user WHERE uid IN (xxxx)


These attributes are specifically and intentionally not available via the API, for spam prevention reasons (maybe other reasons as well)...

Facebook did make a blog post that phone number and address fields were available by prompting for user_address and user_mobile_phone extended permissions in Jan 2011, but they since removed those permissions.

The phone fql fields are "cell" and "other_phone" but your application needs to be whitelisted to access them.

I found phone_number in their recent documentation, but Facebook has didn't mention it anywhere else. Might be they are planning to introduce in their updates.

Link : https://developers.facebook.com/docs/ios/graph

// Add the properties particular to the type restaurant.restaurant
restaurant[@"restaurant"] = @{@"category": @[@"Mexican"],
                 @"contact_info": @{@"street_address": @"123 Some st",
                                    @"locality": @"Menlo Park",
                                    @"region": @"CA",
                                    @"phone_number": @"555-555-555",
                                    @"website": @"http://www.example.com"}};

You can see @"phone_number": @"555-555-555" in the code.

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