Cannot type from keyboard (hardware) in AVD (emulator) after updating ADT

I have just updated to ADT 20 and the newest of SDK, but since then dunno why I cannot type from keyboard (hardware) in AVD (emulator).


In your Eclipse IDE, go to the AVD Manager and select your emulator device.

Click on Edit to edit the properties of this device.

In the Hardware section, click on New.

In the Property drop-down list, select Keyboard Support and press OK.

This add the property in your list of hardware but has a value "no" by default.

Click on the value column and change it to "yes".

Click on "Edit AVD" once again to save your changes.

This will add a property hw.keyboard=yes in config.ini file for the AVD and now your emulator will support input form the keyboard.

Edit the device and add Keyboard Support.

If you have a skin, check the hardware.ini that have hw.keyboard = yes

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