Java XML DOM int value

Say I have a line within an xml file that is:

<number> 7 </number>

I want to store the value of 7 in an integer in java, but dont know how.. .heres my code so far

if (nodelist.getNodeType() == Node.ELEMENT_NODE &&
                                ((Element) nodelist).getTagName().equals("number")){
                            //store value as int (int value = number in tags)


int seven = Integer.parseInt(theNode.getNodeValue());

You could use a utility like jOOX that wraps the standard DOM API to simplify things. Here's how you could access that <number/> element:

Integer seven = $(document).find("number").text(Integer.class);

instead of

Integer seven = Integer.parseInt(
  ((Element) document.getElementsByName("name").item(0)).getTextContent());

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