CentOS Selenium - Preparing firefox profile

I'm trying use to selenium with firefox on CentOS from command line like this:

java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.19.0.jar -interactive

Then, I type: cmd=getNewBrowserSession&1=*firefox&2=http://www.google.com

Then it stucks on "Preparing Firefox profile..." part and crashes:

13:59:13.105 INFO - Preparing Firefox profile... 13:59:33.366 ERROR - Failed to start new browser session, shutdown browser and clear all session data

Please help me solve this, I'm quite new to the unix world. Thanks!


you could define a specific firefox profile (you have to create it first):

java -jar selenium-server.jar -log SeleniumServer.log -firefoxProfileTemplate "PROFILEPATH" -interactive

Are you pointing directly to the firefox executable, or are you pointing to an alias?

By default selenium should be pointing to your selenium binary, what is in /usr/bin is usually a script that interacts with the firefox executable.

And for those wondering, if you're at the command line, you can create a profile like this:

firefox -CreateProfile profilename

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