Posting photo via Facebook graph no longer working

I'm trying to post a photo using the php-sdk - all was working for months successfully but all of the sudden no dice.

Other functions are still working with the same code base (ie: posting messages to wall) - its just the posting of photos that broke on my side.

try {
        $data = $facebook->api('/me/photos', 'post', $args);
      } catch (FacebookApiException $e) {

Is dumping:

FacebookApiException Object ( [result:protected] => Array ( [error_code] => 3 [error] => Array ( [message] => No URL set! [type] => CurlException ) ) [message:protected] => No URL set! [string:private] => [code:protected] => 3 [file:protected] => /locationofmy/base_facebook.php [line:protected] => 818 [trace:private] => Array ( [0] => Array [..............]

From the FB php-sdk lines 818:

    if ($result === false) {
      $e = new FacebookApiException(array(
        'error_code' => curl_errno($ch),
        'error' => array(
        'message' => curl_error($ch),
        'type' => 'CurlException',
      throw $e;
    return $result;

This was working for a long time - has something changed on Facebooks side?

EDIT: php-sdk version: 3.1.1


$tag = array(
                'tag_uid' => 'acct_num',
                'x' => 0,
                'y' => 0

        $tags[] = $tag;

        $args = array(
            'message' => $item_description,
            'image'   => '@' . realpath($temp_path . $tempFile),
            'tags'    => $tags,


Probably that the file doesnt exist, or the file system can't serve it anymore. Can you confirm "$temp_path . $tempFile" - the error is no URL, usually that means no real path to image. I suspect, that the images are missing and/or your servers filled up and no local images are saving. (Yes, this has happened to me before!)

Try changing the image to source. I believe this should fix your issue.

The Facebook API requires a source field but I did not see anything about an image field.

You may also have to pass the actual file contents instead of the real_path (based on the example). Or, alternatively, pass an external URL (based on my understanding of the documentation).



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