Nodejs hosting for site, not based on express ? :)

I made a small website on nodejs, without using any framework, just including simple modules, only for the needs of the site.

And now, when the time for deploy has come - all the hosting variants I can find require express.

Do you know any that doesn't?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that it uses mysql, so I'll need mysql, and also uses imagemagick. But of course, I can check these two on the specific hosting providers ... just have to overcome the first obstacle - the requirement of express.


Try, It has more features than Heroku or other nodejs hosting sites.

You can go for a paid VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Setup the environment as you want. There are plenty of those out there like digitalocean, Amazon AWS,etc.

Did you try heroku ?

Or you can buy a server by Amazon AWS or Rackspace.

Depends on how much work you want to do and the price. if you don't mind setting up a VPS there's If you want simple (PaaS) there's, or

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