How to put a jar in classpath in Eclipse?


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As of rev 17 of the Android Developer Tools, the correct way to add a library jar when.using the tools and Eclipse is to create a directory called libs on the same level as your src and assets directories and then drop the jar in there. Nothing else.required, the tools take care of all the rest for you automatically.

Right click on the project in which you want to put jar file. A window will open like this

Click on the AddExternal Jars there you can give the path to that jar file

First copy your jar file and paste into you Android project's libs folder.

Now right click on newly added (Pasted) jar file and select option

Build Path -> Add to build path

Now you added jar file will get displayed under Referenced Libraries. Again right click on it and select option

Build Path -> Configure Build path

A new window will get appeared. Select Java Build Path from left menu panel and then select Order and export Enable check on added jar file.

Now run your project.

More details @ Add-JARs-to-Project-Build-Paths-in-Eclipse-(Java)

Right click your project in eclipse, build path -> add external jars.

In your Android Developer Tools , From the SDK Manager, install Extras > Google Cloud Messaging for Android Library . After the installation is complete restart your SDK.Then navigate to sdk\extras\google\gcm\gcm-client\dist . there will be your gcm.jar file.

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