Django model field by variable

Quick question. I'm trying yo access one of the fields of a model using a variable.

class ExampleModel(models.Model):
      the_field = models.CharField()
      the_field_two = models.CharField()

How would access the field dynamically? I tried:

model = ExampleModel.objects.get(pk=1)
fieldtoget = 'the_field'
test_var = model[fieldtoget]

But it doesn't seem to work, any ideas how I would do this?

Update: Thought I'd update my question. I'm trying to write a function (as part of larger function) that can not only get the value of the field but also update it from a variable fieldname. For example:

model[fieldtoget] = 'yo'

In PHP you can use the {} wrapper - $model{$fieldtoget} - as an example, for dynamic variable names was hoping there was something similar in python :)



You can use pythons getattr function to do this. Pass the field name in as the attribute.

getattr(model, fieldtoget)

Since fieldtoget is a variable, this is dynamic.

You can use setattr to set it the same way.

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