Recreate/Reset Root MySQL User/Password

One of our recently terminated staff members has recently got on a destruction spree, and as we forgot that he had root access to all of our MySQL Databases, he has now wiped them out. None of the instructions from the MySQL guides or various articles on the net are working for resetting the password, so I am thinking he probably deleted the root account.

I have tried about 15 variations of mysql-init.txt, with mysqld, --skip-grant-tables &, and all kinds of other crap that is not working.

Can anyone clue me in on how I can just wipe the current root account (if it is still there) and recreate it with a new password?


If your databases are gone, why not just uninstall MySQL and do a fresh install.

If your running those commands I assume you have the permissions to do so.

Also, you have to stop MySQL before funning the command mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables &

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