Change value of input onchange?

I want a very simply Javascript function (which I can't get to work, not so simple for me). When Someone inserts a number in an inputfield, the value of an other inputfield should change to that value. I have atm:

function updateInput(ish) {  
    fieldname.value = ish;  
<input type="text" name="fieldname" id="fieldname" />  
<input type="text" name="thingy" onchange="updateInput(value)" /> 

But this doesn't work somehow, can someone help me out? Thanks in advance!


You can't access your fieldname as a global variable. Use document.getElementById:

function updateInput(ish){
    document.getElementById("fieldname").value = ish;



for jQuery we can use below:

by input name:

$('input[name="textboxname"]').val('some value');

by input class:

$('input[type=text].textboxclass').val('some value');

by input id:

$('#textboxid').val('some value');

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