Is this a correct pcap filter expression

const char *str = "wlan subtype assoc-req or wlan subtype probe-req or wlan subtype probe-resp";
struct bpf_program fp;

if((pcap_compile(pkt_handle, &fp, str, 1, PCAP_NETMASK_UNKNOWN)==-1))
    pcap_perror(pkt_handle, "Compile");
    printf("filter compiled\n");

After running, the program displays "filter compiled", but it still captures Beacon frames and lots of other frames apart from the three mentioned in filter expression. So, is it the correct filter expression to catch only assoc-req, probe-req, probe-resp frames?


As interjay said, you have to call pcap_setfilter() to make the filter take effect. (Making it an answer so that the question shows up as having an answer.)

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