DataMapper query - last year, last month etc

I use sinatra web framework and DataMapper.

I have code:

@wdata = Data.all(:date => (( - @interval.to_i)

When I want Data from last 24 hours I use @interval = 1, last 7 days @interval = 7.

How I should get data from e.g. last month or last year? Month can have 31, 30, 28 or 29 days I would like to distinguish this. I would e.g. get data from june last year, last two months, etc.

I searched in web for some tutorial, but I found only for ActiveRecord. :(


Perhaps there is more elegant solution, but you can do such ranges manually

d =
p = d.prev_month
py = d.prev_year
last_month = Data.all(:date => (, p.month), d.month))
last_year = Data.all(:date => (

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