Symfony2: ACL - Using findAcls()

I am having a problem with attempting to batch load ACLs for a specific object (in the example below it is the Account class.)

If I am using the following code, even though acl_object_identities is populated, the returning array that should be populated is empty. What am I missing?

        $oids = array();
    foreach ($accounts as $account) {
        $oid = ObjectIdentity::fromDomainObject($account);
        $oids[] = $oid;


$accounts holds the array of entities found with a findAll().


Well, it looks like the ACLs are pulled after all with the key being an iterative follow-up to see what permissions are in place.

foreach ($accounts as $account) {
    if ($securityContext->isGranted('EDIT', $account)) {
        // Granted, do something with it
    } else {
        // Not Granted

So, it seems that everything is working a designed.

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