Can a string-array be attached to a ListView by default?

If I have a string-array defined in my strings.xml file.

<string-array name="items">
    <item >item 1</item>
    <item >item 2</item>
    <item >item 3</item>

Could I use a reference to plug it straight into my ListView?

    - reference to items here >

Or is this only possible using an adapter in the code?


From the official documentation:

So use the android:entries attribute on your ListView element, pointing to a <string-array> resource [ put your array in res/values/arrays.xml]

But if you have to customise your items (using ImageView, checkbox...) you have to do it programmatically using cursor adapters or array adapters.

Adapter are an interface between a source of data and ui component each time you have to fill listview, gridview, gallery, spinner etc you have to use adapters

Use android:entries for element and refrences your <string-array>

and create(res->value->array.xml)

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