How to give a delay in loop execution using Qt

In my application I want that when a loop is being executed, each time the control transfers to the loop, each execution must be delayed by a particular time. How can I do this?


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Another way to use it would be subclass QThread since it has protected *sleep methods.

QThread::usleep(unsigned long microseconds);
QThread::msleep(unsigned long milliseconds);
QThread::sleep(unsigned long second);

Here's the code to create your own *sleep method.

#include <QThread>    

class Sleeper : public QThread
    static void usleep(unsigned long usecs){QThread::usleep(usecs);}
    static void msleep(unsigned long msecs){QThread::msleep(msecs);}
    static void sleep(unsigned long secs){QThread::sleep(secs);}

and you call it by doing this:


This would give you a delay of 10 microseconds, 10 milliseconds or 10 seconds, accordingly. If the underlying operating system timers support the resolution.

As an update of @Live's answer, for Qt ≥ 5.2 there is no more need to subclass QThread, as now the sleep functions are public:

Static Public Members
  • QThread * currentThread()
  • Qt::HANDLE currentThreadId()
  • int idealThreadCount()
  • void msleep(unsigned long msecs)
  • void sleep(unsigned long secs)
  • void usleep(unsigned long usecs)
  • void yieldCurrentThread()


C++11 has some portable timer stuff. Check out sleep_for.

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