How can I tag a user in the caption of a photo uploaded using Facebook's PHP SDK?

The question says it all. I followed this tutorial:

And I managed to do it. Now I want it so that whenever someone uploads a photo, the user is tagged in the caption of the photo--just in the caption, so anyone viewing my page can know who the user was that uploaded the picture. Can this be done?


I think this has already been answered here: How can I tag friends in uploaded photo using facebook php SDK

Like its stated there check the documentation for how to use tags here:

Just doing this in my head from scratch (not tested)

$photo = $facebook->api($album_id . '/photos', 'post', $args);
$argstag = array('to' => $user);
$datatag = $facebook->api('/' . $photo['id'] . '/tags', 'post', $argstag);  

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