Flex Spark: How to add a Cancel button on the TabBar Button?

I'm trying to add a cancel icon to my TabBarButtons in Flex 4.0 (Spark), and I've gotten close, but now I'm stuck on getting the icon to be "clickable"

I have seen other approaches, like FlexWiz Blog (http://flexwiz.amosl.com/flex/spark-tabs-with-close-button/), but was hoping to figure out something cleaner.

Using the similar approach found in the Tour de Flex sample on Tabbed Navigation, here is what I have in my skin so far:

<s:HGroup top="5" right="5" left="5" verticalAlign="middle">        
        <s:Label id="labelDisplay"

        <s:Graphic x="16" y="16" 
            <s:BitmapImage source="@Embed('assets/images/icons/close.png')"                            
                           height="16" width="16" fillMode="scale"/>

The icon appears in the tab, however, I can't click it. I also tried a button and it's almost like the parent button container does not allow the child to be clickable. I did play with some parent properties (like super.mouseChildren), but couldn't get it to work.

Any thoughts!

Kind regards, =Dave


I see that the post is pretty old, but I just came along the same issue. In order for button to be clickable, you need to enable mouseChildren at a TabBarButtonSkin. You can do it as follows:

override protected function commitProperties():void
    hostComponent.mouseChildren = true;

Now your button should be clickable. At least it worked for me.

It's already done in flexlib library. You can find some examples here:


and here is its project home page:


Here's a Flex 4 based tab control that appears to be very well done, full source included:


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