HEROKU: What to do with my dump file (PGBACKUPS)

I'm done with the pgbackups process.

First, I installed the pgbackups addon (HEROKU) via command: heroku addons:add pgbackups

Second, I login using heroku auth:login command

Third, I capture the backup by running the command: heroku pgbackups:capture --app myapp

Fourth, I get the url of the backup by heroku pgbackups:url b002

So I accessed the url that I saw after running the command: heroku pgbackups: url b002

in this format: https://s3.amazonaws.com/hkpgbackups/app2955630@heroku.com/b002.dump?AWSAccessKeyId=.......

something like that.

After that, I downloaded the file in .dump format

So now, I have the dump file and dont know what to do where to specifically use it...

Can somebody give me an advise to how to use the .dump file?

Please help me. I'm in trouble right now. I've to get a copy of our existing database from heroku.


Your .dump file should be a pg_dump file so you'd need to set up PostgreSQL somewhere and then use pg_restore to load the .dump file into your local database.

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