Sending more than one model to view MVC 4

I have two model classes, each is a table in a database. One model is called 'Clothes' and the other 'Shoes'.

I want to display the contents of each table in the same razor view, but MVC is only letting me send one model to the view.

@model IEnumerable<Test.Models.Clothes>

Is there a way to send more than one model to a razor view?

If not, what is the normal way to display contents of another model in a view that has already got another model passed to it. Thanks for advice.


Either make a view model class which has both the class as its object. It would be then type safe.

public class ViewModelForDisplay
       public Clothes Clothes {get; set;}
       public Shoes Shoes {get; set;}

//on Controller
Clothes objClothes = GetClothes();
Shoes objShoes = GetShoes();

ViewModelForDisplay objViewModel = new ViewModelForDisplay() {Clothes = objClothes, Shoes= objShoes }

The other easy way to do it by using ViewBag.It uses the dynamic feature that was added in to C# 4. It allows an object to dynamically have properties added to it. Its also Type Safe

ViewBag.Shoes= objShoes ;
ViewBag.Clothes= objClothes ;

You could also use ViewData to pass objects to html. BUt this would not be type safe. It requires casting

ViewData["Clothes "] = objClothes ;
ViewData["Shoes "] = objShoes ;

Make your own class aka View Model and have it composed of both models.

I have found this article very interesting :

It presents different ways to send multiple models to a view :

  • ViewData
  • ViewBag
  • PartialView
  • TempData
  • ViewModel
  • Tuple

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