Application crashes with error in filesys.exe

If have an application (let's call it A, CF 3.5) which calls another application (B, CF 3.5 as well) within the same directory to delegate some work (downloading a file). This works well, as long as the SQL Server CE assemblies (3.5 SP2) are not loaded by application A. If they are, application B will crash with random file system errors (e.g. assemblies which cannot be loaded) and and a lot of exceptions in filesys.exe. Here's the content of the error report generated by Windows Mobile:

Bucket Parameters

EvntType: WinCE50lbException

AppName: filesys.exe


AppStamp: 29ccdda8

ModName: vcefsd.dll


ModStamp: 52652c34

Offset: 000017a0

OwnName: B.exe


OwnStamp: 5003c932

This error will occur several times even after debugging has ended and both applications do no longer run. An example of the error which occurs in application B itself:

File or assembly name 'OpenNETCF.Drawing, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=...' or one of its dependencies, was not found.

The assembly name changes from time to time (it can be the CF 3.5 assemblies as well). The error occurs in the emulator (always), but never on a real device. If application A is downloading the file instead of delegating the work to B, no error will occur.

I suspect the storage card driver of the emulator to cause this error, but I have no idea how I can debug the issue any further.

Note: Application A loads the locally deployed SQL CE libraries (sqlceoledb35.dll, sqlcese35.dll, sqlceqp35.dll, sqlceme35.dll, sqlceca35.dll, sqlcecompact35.dll) using the following API call:

private static extern IntPtr LoadLibrary(string fileName);


After I removed the OpenNETCF references for a test I got this exception:

Unable to read configuration file '...\some.config': UnauthorizedAccessException

Which is an exception wrapped by our configuration manager (I can't debug it because it occurs in B). Application A reads that file but closes and releases it right away after deserialization.


It looks like you are also using one of the OpenNETCF tools.

Have you verified that you are disposing of these components as necessary?

EDIT: When reading or writing to some.config file, be sure to use a lock around it to prevent other processes from trying to access this resource at the same time.

private object objSomeConfig = new Object();

public string GetSomeConfig() {
  string data = null;
  lock (objSomeConfig) {
    data = ....; // fill in your code
  return data;

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