SELECT result with table names for columns

A quick question:

Is it possible to get a MySQL result, with the tablename in front of the column instead of only the column name, when using *?

instead of:

column1, column2, etc

i would need:

table_name.column1, table_name.column2, etc

My problem is, that I join multiple tables togheter, that have columns with the same name (for example, key) but the result of the SELECT will only show one. And typing down every single column, in every joined table, would be a lot more work than simply using * and later get the result with Tablenames.

Is there any solution to this?

Thanks for the help.


I found another solution that actually works as expected!

Apparently, it is possible - at least, with PHP:

$PDO->setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_FETCH_TABLE_NAMES, true);

With this, I get the results back with fully-qualified Column names. I'm really wondering how this looks in SQL, but at least it solves the issue.

Coulndt find it before, thanks to @RobinCastlin for the further link (that brought me to the solution) - and to the rest, for the help!

It is not possible with the * selector. This has been already asked about 4 years ago on stackoverflow. You will need to type every column and use aliases.

Even though you don't prefer to define all these values, it doesn't have to be hard to do it either:

$arr_keys = array('table_name' => array('column1', 'column2', 'column3'),
                  'table_name2' => array('column1', 'column2', 'column3'));

$arr_values = array();
foreach(array_keys($arr_keys) as $h)
    foreach($arr_keys[$h] as $h2)
        $arr_values[] = "{$h}.{$h2} AS '{$h}.{$h2}'";

$str_values = implode(', ', $arr_values);
# Insert $str_values after your SELECT ...

There is no easy way to get this.

You could use Dynamic SQL (or PHP) to create queries of this type:

    table_name.column1 AS `table_name.column1`,
    table_name.column2 AS `table_name.column1`,

but is it worth the trouble?

Another solution, that will work only if your tables have no common names in columns, except for the key columns that are used in joining, would be to use NATURAL JOIN:

    table_a JOIN table_b
              ON table_b . b_id = table_a . b_id ;

would become:

    table_a NATURAL JOIN table_b ;

The columns that have same names will be used for the joins and will not be replicated in the results.

The downside is that you should be exttra careful to not have any columns (besides the keys used in joining) and (you and any other developer) not to add any by mistake - as this would break the query, producing not expected results.

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