Add Facebook 'share' metatag to drupal

I am very new to drupal, and i need to know whether i can add a share button using metatags. The requirement is to display a list of links and a share button for each link beside it. This should share the page given in the link. Is this possible? If so, how? I'm currently able to add a like button using the <fb:like></fb:like> tag. Googling wasn't much helpful. FYI, i use drupal 7.

Thanks, Ananth.


If you are looking for adding meta tags to a drupal 7 page, you should use drupal_add_html_head()

Here's an example for adding a description meta tag.

    '#tag'          => 'meta',
    '#attributes'   => array(
        'property'  => 'description',
        'content'   => 'this is my description tag',
    )), "YOU_KEY");

Hope this helps... Muhammad.

I believe, this is very much feasible. If your link is "" and you want to share this URL on FB, this link will help you in making the link

Similarly for Google plus - Twitter button -

You need to pass the URL for every tag, it will same as the Link you are building.

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