how to set soap Header using ksoap2 - android

I need to set the soap header information as part of authentication of a web method. I'm using ksoap2 API to call .NET web service. Here is the soap header with request.

    <DTHeader xmlns="">
      <Username> string </Username>
      <Password> string </Password>
    <MyTestMethod xmlns="">
       <ID> string </ID>
       <TransID> guid </TransID>

Can you please provide the android code to set the soap header "DTHeader" and set "Username" and "Password".


I did that this way:

import org.kxml2.kdom.Element;

then while preparing envelope

soapEnvelope.headerOut = new Element[1];
soapEnvelope.headerOut[0] = buildAuthHeader();
// ...send request...


private Element buildAuthHeader() {
    Element h = new Element().createElement(NAMESPACE, "AuthHeader");
    Element username = new Element().createElement(NAMESPACE, "user");
    username.addChild(Node.TEXT, USERNAME);
    h.addChild(Node.ELEMENT, username);
    Element pass = new Element().createElement(NAMESPACE, "pass");
    pass.addChild(Node.TEXT, PASSWORD);
    h.addChild(Node.ELEMENT, pass);

    return h;

obviously, change strings as needed.

Spent 2 days trying to get this to work with java and .net and have finally got it working..

ArrayList<HeaderProperty> headerProperty = new ArrayList<HeaderProperty>();

headerProperty.add(new HeaderProperty("guid", "value..."));,envelope,headerProperty); 

tried the above example and would add a header section but wasn't compatible with .net.

My piece of code works but requires KSoap2 version ksoap2-android-assembly-2.5.7-jar-with-dependencies.jar from here: ksoap jar file location

right click and view raw file and click save as.

Thanks for all the help in the forums as pointed me in the right direction...

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