Book focused on SQL Server stored procedures

Can you recommend a book that is the Microsoft SQL Server equivalent of MySQL Stored Procedure Programming, I'm looking for something with a focus on Stored Procedures, Stored Functions, and Triggers.


The Guru's Guide to SQL Server Stored Procedures, XML, and HTML

why not this book -> High Performance MySQL ??

Need Your Help

How to use DockStyle.Fill for standard controls in WPF?

c# wpf tabcontrol docking

I'm used from windows forms, that I create a panel, place controls inside it and give them DockStyle.Fill to max out their size to the surrounding panel.

Delete row Jtable Jquery

javascript php jquery jquery-jtable

I am having problems deleting rows, I think is because the post[id] is not being sent. The delete message displays but the row is not deleted. Here is my code: