ActionMailer doesn't recognise route

I have a route called "settings_redirect", which I've defined as follows:


match "/settings/redirect" => "settings#redirect", :via => "get"

I want to link to this route in an email template:


<%= link_to "Manage Settings", settings_redirect_url %>

Yet, when I get ActionMailer to send the email, I get the error

{undefined local variable or method `settings_redirect_url' for #<#:0x007ffa1153de38>

The same link works completely fine in any regular view, just not when I try to send it in an email. All other links in the same template don't cause any trouble either.

Any ideas as to what could cause the error?


match "/settings_redirect" => "settings#redirect", :via => "get"

You can use this form:

get "settings/redirect" => "settings#redirect", :as => :settings_redirect

Check out this documentation,

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