Click - delay before navigating

is there any easy way to create a code: if URL changes or clicked on a link show div (like loading gif 3-sec) then show the page? Kinda like blank white page with loading gif spin 3 sec then show the page?



$('a').click(function (e) {
    e.preventDefault();                   // prevent default anchor behavior
    var goTo = this.getAttribute("href"); // store anchor href

    // do something while timeOut ticks ... 

         window.location = goTo;
    }, 3000);                             // time in ms

Need Your Help

Access array contents from a .mat file loaded using - python

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UPDATE: This is a long question that boils down to, can someone explain the numpy array class to me? I answered my own question below.

WCF error: The caller was not authenticated by the service

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I am trying to access my WCF service on a server from my client console application for testing. I am getting the following error: