How do I edit my Joomla login page?

I am having some hard times trying to figure out what file on my server is creating the page located at "" I don't have a component directory but I do have a components directory. I dove into that and checked out the com_users/views templates but I wasn't able to edit anything that reflected changes on the page in question really. One thing to note is that if I modify the view.html.php file at 'components/com_users/views/login' it seems to affect the page, and it seems to want to load the content on the page from the line of code that reads:

$menus = $app->getMenu();

Any idea of how to edit this page?


This is the file you will want to edit if you intend on making style or layout changes to the login page.



The file that contains the functions for the login page and that I would not recommend editing is:


Thanks to GDP for providing the answer I was looking for:

"You may also want to check in the \html folder of your active template. if templates\yourtemplate\html\com_users exists, Joomla will be checking and loading from there if a matching view and file is found."

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