Model Users - Group relationship in CouchDB

I have group and user documents that I want to store in CouchDB, user can join multiple groups. One group can have thousands of users. Here are the documents I came up with:

Group: { "_id":"group1", "name":"abc", "type":"group" }
Group: { "_id":"group2", "name":"abc", "type":"group" }
User: { "_id":"user1", "login":"whatever", "groupIds": ["group1" , "group2"], "type":"user" }
User: { "_id":"user2", "login":"whatever", "groupIds": ["group2"], "type":"user" }

I want to get groups by user id. It seems like the best thing I can do is define this view:

function(doc) {
  if (doc.type == "user")
    emit(doc._id, doc.groupIds);

But in this case I need to get group ids in one request and then each group in separate request. Is there a way to write groups by user id view so that all groups were returned in one request to CouchDB?


You can use the linked documents syntax to get a list of group documents for a given user. Create this view:

function(doc) {
  if( doc.type === 'user' ) {
    var gids = doc.groupIds;
    for( var i=0, l=gids.length; i<l; i++) {
      emit( doc._id, { '_id': gids[i] } );

And then you will query this with the include_docs=true parameter, and Couch sees the special value of { "_id": "group1" } and retrieves that linked document for you. You will end up with all the group documents in the doc element of the returned hash row.

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