Create a mobile site for already existing Wordpress site

I want to build a mobile website for an already existing Wordpress site. I prefer to redirect the users to the mobile site automatically if the user is browsing from a mobile device. I will also need to change the contents of the pages regularly and may have to add more pages over time. But I do not want to create two different copies of the same page for desktop and mobile.

Please suggest the best option to go forward with this situation.



I think you would pretty much have to design your theme to dynamically change what it's doing as needed. This might just be a matter of activating the right style sheets or it might be more complicated.

There's a good book on this subject you might want to check out.

You want two sites with the same content, but you don't want to enter the content twice, and for some reason you don't want the site to be responsive. That makes things difficult.

Theoretically you could have both sites taking their information from the same database but in reality it just makes so much more sense to build a responsive site.

In any case, if you must have two sites, you can start by detecting mobile devices with this PHP class.

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