Proper Usage of Entity Manager from EntityManagerFactory

I am having some trouble understanding the proper usage of entity manager when querying for objects and or deleting/creating. Right now for any database transactions I have several service methods that open and close new entity managers like so:

public static Long getCountApplicants(String active){

    EntityManager entityManager = factory.createEntityManager();
    long value = (Long) entityManager.createQuery("select count(distinct a) from    Applicant a  where = " +active).getSingleResult();
    System.out.println("get count app query");
    return value;

Since I have a Java EE app with a persistence.xml file that defines my unit, why can't I declare only one from my factory and use it throughout the life of my app? Is there any performance or memory leak issues with using just one of these objects?


I am using the following stack, Spring Framework/JPA Eclipselink


Long story short: Since you're using Spring, you're better off defining the Entity Manager as an attribute of your DAO like so:

EntityManager em;

Your code then becomes:

public static Long getCountApplicants(String active){
    long value = (Long) em.createQuery("select count(distinct a) from    Applicant a  where = " +active).getSingleResult();
    System.out.println("get count app query");
    return value;

This will work only with Non Extended Persistence Contexts. The EntityManager injected by Spring will be threadsafe. Whether you need to configure an LocalEntityManagerFactorBean application-managed or LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean container-managed Entity Manager is just a matter of configuration in the Spring configuration files.

EntityManager is generally not threadsafe when application managed.

However, if you're using a container managed version, it should be. You would inject it:

EntityManager entityManager;

Spring is one such container that can do this. The link above is a helpful resource.

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