How do we upgrade lift version in Maven?

I would like to upgrade lift version to bypass a lift bug. However, I cannot find the place to change the version number in Maven. Is it here?

        <!-- Common plugin settings -->
        <!-- vscaladoc settings -->

If so, what parameter do I adjust to do it? If not, how can I upgrade lift in Maven?


You should have a <dependencies> element as a sister to <properties> with children like this:


Just change the version as desired (noting that 2.2 is the latest version with Scala 2.7 support), or add a line like <liftweb.version>2.2</liftweb.version> to your properties and refer to it here:


Note that there may be several net.liftweb dependencies, and that they'll all need to be changed. Using the property approach makes this process a little easier and less error-prone.

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