Impossible to cross site ajax api calls in a chrome extension?

I am trying to create a chrome extension that calls my rails app's api. currently the api returns json and it works fine, however when I try to build it into a chrome extension, it says :

Refused to load script from '' because of Content-Security-Policy.

I looked up the document and it sounds like I can't do this unless I implement my site into a https version. (under "Relaxing the default policy" section) I am not sure if I understood correctly and it feels ridiculous to make such a big change just because of this. Am I misunderstood? Or is there a workaround to this? Thank you.


In a Chrome extension, cross-site XMLHttpRequests are allowed, provided that you define the source in the manifest file - see

A JSONP implementation loads an external script using the <script> tag, and inserts it in the document. Unless the source is whitelisted through the "content_security_policy" entry, JSONP cannot be used when manifest version 2 is active (do not use manifest v1 to overcome this, because it's deprecated, and a suitable alternative already exist).

When you're unable to receive a JSON response instead of JSONP, use an ordinary request to fetch the data, cut off the callback, then parse it. Eg:

// response is the response from the server
// Received through `XMLHttpRequest`, jQuery.ajax, or whatever you used
// cuts of jQuery....(  and the trailing )
response = response.replace(/^[^(]*\(/, '').replace(/\);?$/, '');

By default browsers do not allow this because of the same origin policy.

However you can get around this by making a jsonp request.

As you using jquery this super easy with getJSON method

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