Is it worth upgrading an existing iOS app from Phonegap 1.2 to 1.9?

The PhoneGap 1.2 app I'm developing has performance issues. I'm currently going over the jQuery code to optimize it as best I can, but I'm wondering how much improvement (if any) I would get by upgrading the project to PhoneGap 1.9. The process of upgrading such an old version is pretty laborious so I'm hoping someone could share their experiences with me.

Using Xcode 4.3.3, Phonegap 1.2, iScroll 4.1.9, and jQuery 1.7.1.



No. And yes

You should upgrade to 2.1 (if you upgrade)

If you don't get any issues and don't want to use more features, you may stay at the version.

If you want to implement new features or create a new version in the store you should update to 2.1

In fact it is a good idea to move to newer versions.

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