How to make inline LabelFields

I'm working in a Blackberry app (OS 5.0) and need to show recent tweets of the user. I'm able to get the data from Twitter's end. Now after parsing the entities (hashtags, urls, user-mentions etc), I need to display them with separate formatting (color, bold etc). So I'm using different LabelFields for different parts of the tweet. But LabelFields are by default block elements. How do I put those LabelFields inline, so that it looks like how it is shown in Twitter?

like this:


Others have suggested RichTextField but you'd have to write your own text filter to colour the syntax - it's going to be a lot of effort. If having the clickable links inline is a must then personally I'd use a BrowserField but that would mean your logic would have to output a full screens worth of tweets into html (screens don't like having more than one browserfield - it's doable with more than one but there's some hacks) and manage the click events - more complications.

Alternatively you could do something like this: You wouldn't have clickable regions within the text body but it'd still be using native fields instead of 'cheating' with markup, probably the best way.

I've found that there's a component in Blackberry SDK called ActiveRichTextField which automatically scans its contents and parses links making them focusable and clickable. Furthur it'll also parse entities if Twitter app is installed in that device. For now it solves my problem. Thanks guys.

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