Logging using Log4j taking long time

I am using Log4j logging framework to insert the log into oracle database.But the insert query in the log4j properties file is taking a lot of time to execute and making the application very slow.When I removed the logging statements from the java code, the application worked fine.At first, I thought that the insertion into DataBase is taking time , but writing the log on an external file also takes a lot of time.

Can anyone please suggest a solution?

Thank You, Dhaval Maheshwari.


If you application is under development then log level should be debug and before logging you should check for isDebugEnabled() and then log your string.

but If your application is in production then log level should be info and you must log minimal information in log file.

Always use atleast two log level in your application one for debuggnig mode(for development environment) and another for production mode and production log should be minimal.

This is the way you can speed up you applicaiton.

and second thing if you want to persist your logs into database then create a scheduler task whose responsibility would be reading logs from flat file and persisting them into database and schedule this to run only once in a day.

I suggest not to follow the technique u r following now.

First of all I am not sure why u r trying to log the output of log4j in DB. Anyways if it is that necessary try something like this. Let the logfile write into a file as it is and later run a thread to dump this file from the disk when file is closed to the database as a batch process.

In this case your application will be separated from the latency of DB.

There are other solutions also using a JMS. Where you can write it to a JMS queue and the consumer on the other hand can read the queue and write it a DB.

It depends on the kind of problem you are trying to solve though.

See of it helps

In Logging there are levels included in. For example in production only log application level exceptions and errors[ERROR level].

If it's tracking logs(Such as user actions) don't write them to files, directly add them to database. Hope this helps.

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