Why does my system beep when writing to Console

I am writing a console tester for a web service that I am using in my app. When I write the output to my console(JSON) for a large enough set the console app spins and I start getting a beeping noise for 5-10 seconds. I checked the output for a \a and couldn't find one, so I'm not sure what is causing the beeping.

At this point I am just guessing the long output, but I am unsure what else the problem could be or if there are any solutions.


Could be BEL?






A control character that is used when there is a need to call for attention; it may control alarm or attention devices.

I've seen something similar when trying to write to a Event Log, but it is full.

Try Start > Run... > eventvwr then either clearing out some logs or changing the maximum size of logs (via the 'Action' menu).

Even if you check the input for BELL characters, it may still beep. This is due to font settings and unicode conversion. The character in question is U+2022, Bullet.

Raymond Chen explains:

In the OEM code page, the bullet character is being converted to a beep. But why is that?

What you're seeing is MB_USEGLYPHCHARS in reverse. Michael Kaplan discussed MB_USEGLYPHCHARS a while ago. It determines whether certain characters should be treated as control characters or as printable characters when converting to Unicode. For example, it controls whether the ASCII bell character 0x07 should be converted to the Unicode bell character U+0007 or to the Unicode bullet U+2022. You need the MB_USEGLYPHCHARS flag to decide which way to go when converting to Unicode, but there is no corresponding ambiguity when converting from Unicode. When converting from Unicode, both U+0007 and U+2022 map to the ASCII bell character.

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