bgcolor animation using jquery

im using jquery animation for the first time.i have read that animation can be done on .Toggle() functions but i want to suppose chage a bgcolor of a div on page load. i tried it but its not working here is my code.

 <script src="">
<script src=" ui.min.js">

<script>   $(document).ready(function(){ 
$('block').animate({ backgroundColor: "black" }, 1000);   
.block { 
color: white;
background-color: #68BFEF;
width: 150px; 
height: 70px;
margin: 10px;    }   
</head> <body >   
<div class="block"> hi</div>


The animation works, your jQuery selector is wrong.

$('.block').animate({ backgroundColor: "black" }, 1000);

Notice the '.' in front of 'block'. You were selecting all elements named block (<block>). With the '.', all elements with the class 'block' get selected.

jQuery can't animate colors by default. You can download a plugin such as jQuery UI or Color Animation Plugin to have that feature available.

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