cygwin + console2 ctrl-c keyboard interrupt not working

I'm using console2 as my shell for cygwin and control-C is not working.

I have made sure that control-C is not being used as a hotkey in my console2 settings.

This is how I run cygwin from console2 D:\Programs\Cygwin\bin\bash.exe --login -i

To check for yourself, do ping -t and try to interrupt it with control C.

Here is my console2 console.xml file,


This was a bug in cygwin, it should be fixed in the upcoming cygwin release (1.7.17), see here

Update: 1.7.17 was released on Oct 20, 2012. The problem is indeed fixed now.

So I was running into this issue through the Git Msys install (utilizes MingW32) on Windows too.

The problem was Ctrl + C was bound to the Copy Selection which negates the ability to pass the Ctrl + C interrupt into the actual console. Reassigning that hotkey binding allows you to actually use Ctrl + C again for interrupting server tasks, etc.

In Console2, reassign the Hotkey Ctrl + C to other, then the termination will work. Thanks Silva

Instead of reassigning the hotkeys you can also simply press Ctrl-Shift-C for keyboard interruption in Console2

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